Top things to do

When the time comes for a morning or an afternoon stroll, the choices for recreation and walking tours around the island are ample: from a coffee or ice cream break in a picturesque village to museum visits, local artisans' shop-stops or visits to churches and small towns, interesting and unique experiences await the visitor.

Experience No 1: Scenic walks

In the center of the island we find Apollonia, the capital, with its typical Cycladic architecture and many churches. Further north is Artemonas, west from Kamares port and Vathy and on the southeast side we find Platis Gialos, Chrissopigi and Faros, tourist villages with beautiful beaches. Among the most beautiful towns on the island is the Castle, on the east coast, boasting Venetian architecture, many churches, an archaeological museum and offering a wonderful view.

Experience No 2: Pottery & Ceramic Shops

Sifnos is famous for its exquisite pottery utensils and the famous «flarous» (clay chimneys) that decorate the rooftops. You can visit one of 16 ceramic pottery shops that operate nowadays and see how these ceramics are handmade, using quality local clay that is transformed, from the skillfull hands of the local potters, into cooking utensils and decorative artwork, true works of local art.

Experience No 3: Churches and monasteries

The island has mora or less 227 churches. Of particular interest are all the churches in Kastro and the churches of Chryssopigi, Panaghia Vrissis (Lady of the fountain), Monastery of Our Lady of the Mountain, Aggeloktisti in Katavati, Saint Savior, Panaghia Niche, Virgin Gournia, Virgin Ammo, St. George, Santa Lucia, St. Constantine.

Experience No 4: History and Culture

• Archaeological Museum, at the Castle: You will enjoy archaic and Hellenistic sculpture collections (tombstones, statues, etc.) from the Archaic to the Roman period (6th century BC - 1st century BC ), Ceramics from the Castle dating from the geometric to the Hellenistic period (8th century BC - 2nd century BC), coins. (Tel: 22840-31022)

• Folk Art Museum, at the Heroes' Square in Apollonia centre: It includes exhibits connected with the traditional daylife on the island (agricultural tools, household items, local costumes, collections of swords and weapons, woodcarvings, trunks, embroidery and lace, apiculture utensils and pottery). (Tel: 22840-33730)

• Ecclesiastical Art Museum, at the Monastery of Vrysiani: You will see manuscripts, encoded vellums, old scripts, a Gospel dating back at 1796, shrines, cherubims, holly vessels, vestments, icons, Kassiani's embroidered cloak, etc. (Tel: 2284031937)

Experiment 5: Sailing explorations

Sail across the blue waters of the Aegean, then swim in Sifnos' pristine beaches that can be accessed only by boat, try unique island visits... All aboard! Weather permitting, there are daily cruises (morning to evening) than include the island tour, swimming stops at secluded beaches, photo- shooting, food, drinks and fun!

Experiment 6: Enjoy the festivities

Local festivals are the most authentic and beautiful aspect of the island, with massive participation from locals and visitors alike. Some of the festivals that coincide with the holiday season are:

May or June (various) Ascension Day, celebrating the patron saint of Sifnos, Chrissopigi!

July 19: Prophet Elias (many monasteries on the island are dedicated to this prophet). Try the feast during the celebration of Prophet Elias Apsilou

July 26: Aghios Panteleimon in Cheronissos

August 14: Virgin Mary (many monasteries in Sifnos boast the same name). Try the feast of Panaghia "Toso to nero"

August 28: Aghios Ioannis (St. John) the Faster, in Faros

August 31: Aghios Simeon in Kamares

September 5: Taxiarhis in Vathy

September 6: Aghios Sozon

September 8: The birthday of the Virgin, Monastery of the Fountain at Exambela

September 13: the Cross, in Faros and Honi

September 14: Aghios Nikitas in Seladi

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