Shopping time

√ You will buy pottery, unique works of art and unparalleled craftmanship, hand made by local artisans, traditional and modern household items and cooking utensils (mastelo, skepastaries, tsikalia/ pots, Grill, etc.).

√ Local thyme honey, wich is renowned for its purity, good quality, flavor and excellent taste.

√ Homemade cheeses of exceptional quality, like xinomyzithra that is usually served with salads, chloromanoura, a key ingredient for melopitta (honey- pie), the traditional Easter dessert here in Sifnos, as well as the more spicy Sifnian manoura. All are unique in taste!

Bakery products, biscuits, cookies and biscuits from local bakeries and special cakes (flavored with three species of almond, pastries, loukoumia/ turkish delight, sesame, halva- pies, etc.), at the local pastry shop at Aghios Loukas in Artemonas.

√ Traditional local home- made wines from small producers!

Herbs for hot drinks or cooking (sage, oregano,Origanum majorana, Fliskouni, throumbi, etc.).

√ Last but not least, capers (Capparis spinosa) for your salads and meals, that grow in abundance in most parts of Sifnos!

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