Relaxation & Recreation

The day starts in a relaxing feeling, enjoying the unlimited view of Platys Gialos from the veranda of Sifnos Residence. After the delicious breakfast, plan your adventure trip to get to know the rest of the island.

Usually, the program includes swimming at the beautiful beaches, exploration and trekking in well- structured paths. Grasp every opportunity to take a walk in the quaint, lovely villages along the way and enjoy breathtaking landscapes.

When night falls, entertainment starts at the cafes and bars of Sifnos, the majority of which are discreet and low- profile small pubs, no extremes whatsoever. Of course, after a coffee break or dinner, the choices for a drink or coctails are numerous and fit every taste. However, what really characterizes the island is its quiet, low profile and a refined atmosphere, which discriminates Sifnos, as well as its neighbour Serifos, from the other Cycladic islands.

On the other hand, should you prefer tranquility, just light the candles in the veranda of Sifnos Residence, play soft music on the radio and enjoy the serenity of the unique landscape, gazing at the stars!

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