Sifnos by Night

The nightlife in Sifnos is concentrated in a small cobblestone street called «Entertainment Pass», in Apollonia. Here, you will find locals and visitors, barflies and summer vacationers, who meet at the cafes and bars of the picturesque village, for their evening cocktails and entertainment.

Some of the bars are open until late, and you will always find a joint serving light snacks or sandwiches, even in the early hours. Argo Bar, one of the best known in Apollonia, is open for the season April-October.

Also famous are the bars Volto, Botzi, Doloma, Dolphin Pub in Apollonia. In Kamares, disco Mobilize is ideal for dancing and all-night fun while Old Captain's Bar is the meeting- point for those who enjoy sipping cocktails by the calm sea waters.

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