The home of gourmet delights

Everybody knows Sifnos as the home town of Nikolaos Tselemendes, a famous chef of the 20th century, from the village of Exambela. The culinary heritage is unique, inspired by nature and simple ingredients, combined with mastery and creativity, for the preparation of tasty, traditional dishes.

Among the finest local recipies are revithokeftedes (chick- pea balls), string beans in garlic sauce, the traditional Sunday dish revithada soup (chick- pea soup) - prepared from Saturday night and left to cook slowly all night in wooden oven-, the capersalad, or mastelo roast meat, etc. The meal is accompanied with excellent local cheeses (cream cheese, manoura, chloromanoura in Easter).

As far as sweet delights, almond sweets, traditional pastries and cookies are the mouth- watering deserts that conclude the tasty trip in the homeland of Tselemendes.

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