Picturesque Villages

The island's capital, administrative and commercial center and necessary stop of our tour is the town of Apollonia, amphitheatrically built on three hills. Every afternoon the place is filled with life. The streets are packed with visitors who come to enjoy coffee, ice cream, delicious hot donuts and later have a drink in the stylish bars along the notorious «Entertainment Pass».

Within walking distance from Apollonia is the old village of Kastro, a splendid example from the Venetian era. While walking along the cobblestone streets, we pass beneath arched arcades and among battlements, the two and three-storey houses, called «lozies», the magnificent temple of the Compassionate Virgin (Parthena Eleousa), the Chapel of the Seven Martyrs (Eftamartiros) and Seralia (palaces), which are found in the small bay at the foot of the castle hill and its southern part.

Quite many people decide to walk 2 kilometres from Apollonia to the neighboring Artemonas through the picturesque streets of Ano Petali. This is one of the most quiet and ideal places for serene holidays, as well as the birthplace of the national hero Nicholas Chrysogelos and the scholar and poet Giannis Gryparis, a place that owes its name to Artemis, one of the most famous Ancient Greek deities. It is believed that this is the location of a temple dedicated to Artemis, at the same place where today stands the Church of Our Lady of the Niche.

The view is unique, images are one more beautiful than the other, until we reach the first houses of Artemonas, which is considered the jewel of the island. It is filled with neoclassical mansions, blooming gardens and well tendered courtyards. You will walk through cobblestone streets, which are typical in the Cyclades Island Cluster, you will enjoy spectacular views and taste local delicacies in the traditional tavernas.

Vathy is a small village, 10 km from Apollonia, with a beautiful sandy beach. It is also one of oldest settlements of the local potters' community.

Kato Petali is separated from Ano Petali by Apollonia. Here it's worth to visit the church of Zoodohos Pighi (1894), with a lovely paved courtyard.

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